Mike DeDecker, from left, JuJu Kizeart both of Carbondale, Illinois, and Tequire Lawrence, of Chicago hang out during the Mike T. Basketball Tournament at Attucks Park in Carbondale, Illinois in June 2012. DeDecker and Kizeart played on the winning team in the adult division of the tournament, which is held every year in honor of DeDecker's father who died in a car accident in 2010. Attucks Park serves as a gathering place for young people in Carbondale's  Northeast side. Cleveland Matthews, a lifetime resident of the Northeast side, said that his neighborhood is viewed with a bad reputation because of drugs and violence. "I've raised three kids here, we've had no scares,” Matthews said, " I hate for them to condemn my side of town, it's a good neighborhood."


Jayden Patterson of Booneville, 5, collects sticks to burn in a fire at his home in Booneville, Ind. Thursday, Oct. 17, 2014.


World War II Army veterans and brothers Dwayne Hume (left) and Donald Hume (right) ride with Joey Langerak, 7, of Evansville, Ind. in a 1978 Jeep during the Veterans' Day Parade in on Riverside Drive in Evansville, Ind. Saturday, Nov. 8, 2014.


Chico Bordoy, 13, pushes his father Ramone Bordoy, 72, to their home in Muddy, IL where they live with Chico's adult sister and special needs brother. Ramone said he lived in Muddy when he was younger and moved back along with his children so that they could help to take care of him. Lori, his daughter, said he is suffering from renal failure and requires a lot of care from her and Chico. 


Debra Jameison smokes a cigarette after  playing cowboys and zombies with her grandson Caden, 6. Jameison, 62, works full time and takes care of her two grandkids on the weekends.  At night she hangs out in her kitchen and plays Candy Crush for hours without a sound. However, when her boys are around there is always an adventure to be had at their grandma's house. Jameison has been trying to sell her house and downsize since she only needs room for one person now that her children are grown and gone. Her grandsons love the house, and she fears they will no longer want to visit her when she moves. 

Kye Schukraft lies on the floor with her new puppy, Chesnut, in their home in Muddy, Ill. Kye, her brother Takota, and their parents, Lisa and Dan have lived in the town of 100 for six years. Lisa home schools Kye and Takota and says that her kids have very little contact with other children, but to her it is more important that her children learn through experience opposed to traditional schooling. Kye had been begging for another puppy, so Lisa gave in. She said Kye has a gift with animals. 


Rev. Dennis Clark prays during a vigil held for Sandy Farris, who went missing March 28, 2013. Farris went for a walk around the block at her home in Cairo, Ill. leaving her purse and cell phone on her kitchen table and never came home. Three years prior, almost to the day, Farris' twin brother Kenny went missing as well. Donna Pearman, Farris' sister, said there has been little progress made on the case, but that Sandy had just gone through a bad divorce.


Keith Swafford of Kansas (left) and Jon Coffee of Sevierville (right) join hands as they are married by Pastor Chris Buice at the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church in Knoxville, Tenn. Friday, June 26, 2015. Swafford and Coffee are the first same-sex couple to be married in Knoxville after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage nationwide.

Sol Tarud, of Columbia, sells ice cream Friday during Cultural Fest on Market Street in Harrisburg, Penn.  


Ana Williams, 4, (left) puts on a tiara while members of her family decorate for her sister Priscilla's third birthday party at their home in Evansville, Ind. The girls' mom, Angelica Williams, 21, is pregant with her third child, but plans to give the baby up for adoption for financial reasons. 

Esther Edwards, 83, sits on her front step while waiting for the police to pick up an intoxicated man who fell off of his bike in front of her home in Harrisburg, Penn. Edwards can often be seen dressed to impress with a golf club in hand, that she keeps with her for protection, while keeping an eye on the neighborhood. She said she recently moved back to Harrisburg after a long career as a journalist, a model instructor, and the first African American Budweiser model. 

Richard Whitt (left) tries to ease his daughter Jordan Whitt's nerves before she is presented in the AKA Debutante Ball at the Knoxville Convention Center in Knoxville, Tenn. Saturday, Mar. 28, 2015. "The is a time when the girls are moving into a new place in their lives, but also the parents," said Presentation Chair Rosalyn Tillman about how preparing for the Debutante Ball is a journey that the girls and their parents take together, "This is a special time with lots of good memories that they can have about how they worked together for this end result."

Jan Williams of Murfreesboro sweeps the floors during a basketball game at the Murphy Center in Murfreesboro Thursday, Mar. 5, 2015.