Women's March 2018

The Knoxville Women's March was a great time, again, besides the white supremacist group that showed up and spread their general unhappiness with everyone. I didn't photograph them, people like that want attention, and not giving them what they want feels like a small victory.  

I was walking home from the march with a few friends and I brought up how weird it was that some of the white supremacists brought their kids along. Then one of my friends made a point that kids are manipulated on both sides and that a lot of parents use their children to get their political messages across. Which you know is better if you are expressing a message of love for all people, but still feels a little manipulative to do to a someone that isn't quite ready to grasp the situation. I thought back to earlier in the day when a woman was trying to get her daughter to yell, "Kill the patriarchy!", which is a fine message, but the kid didn't want to, she just wanted to yell nonsense and be silly and that is probably all that should be asked of her.