Care of the Earth

I have been working at Care of the Earth Community farm for about six months now. I have a lot of photos to edit still, but honestly I haven't taken as many as I would have liked. This summer was a little chaotic, in dealing with the end of a relationship, moving, getting settled, all while doing manual labor sort of left my creative energy a little bit depleted. In a different phase of life I may have beat myself up for this and felt like I failed, but in taking that time to take care of myself I feel re-invigorated. 

This is a little cheesy, but sometimes, when I am working, I look around at all of the plants and take notice of how they have grown. I think about the work that it took to get them from seed to harvest and I know that doing that work has helped me grow in all sorts of ways too. I am beyond grateful to have the unlikely opportunity to be working here and to have the chance to begin to understand what it takes to run an organic vegetable farm.  I am excited to continue to share more photos from this past season (and season to come!) to show the incredible dedication that Megan and Lalo (the owners of Care of the Earth/my bosses/mentors/friends) put forth to nurture life on the farm. Let me tell you, it is a job that never ends. 



Anna Laura, my co-worker and basically therapist. 


Lalo harvesting lettuce early in the morning. 


Shea Shea, 4, Megan and Lalo's son. 


Ashlyn, former fellow intern, I miss her, but its ok we are still friends. 


Megan and Shea Shea being very cute. 


More pics to come!