Care of the Earth: September

This month on the farm was exciting. Megan gave birth to baby Eila, who is so much fun to have around even now as a tiny baby. 

The day she was born Anna Laura and I were planting a fall vegetable, it might have been spinach or kohlrabi I can't remember. Megan had a home birth so there was definitely an excitement in the air about if it was really going to happen and whether it would be a boy or a girl.

Anyway, so we are planting and Lalo comes out on the porch and yells something to us, asking what we are planting, kind of pretending to check up on us. We answer and get back to our business, as Lalo slowly turns to grab the door to go back inside. He pauses, and all of a sudden turns around, throws his arms up in a victory stance and yells, "It's a girl!!!!". It was so funny, he didn't want to just come out and tell us, but in the end he couldn't contain his excitement. 

Later that afternoon he was back in the field planting with us. Which, when I tell people they are kind of blown away, like, "doesn't he take a break?" The answer is no, because he can't! That is just how it works. The baby was born, they welcomed her to the world, but there was still the days work that had to be done. Pretty wild.