On Saturday I went to what was supposed to be a rally led by white supremacist group Confederate 28 regarding a petition to tear down a Confederate monument in the Fort Sanders neighborhood in Knoxville. It ended up being mostly counter protesters (people who wanted to the monument gone) but the city did their best to prepare for whatever happened. The opposing groups were divided by 17th Street, which was shut down. Cops with clubs stood in the middle facing each side walk where people were gathered. People who attended had to go through security to make sure no one brought in any weapons. 

It was cool to see people standing up for each other, but events like this are always complicated. We were lucky that it was relatively peaceful. That being said, there were a lot of passionate people there and for the most part it made me happy to live in Knoxville. 

It feels amazing to be shooting more and paying attention to people and talking to strangers again. Even though the circumstances in the case kind of suck.