Care of the Earth Community Farm: October

October is gone. Where did it go? As the seasons change, the summer plants die, winter lettuces emerge, and the corn is harvested on the farm I cannot help, but notice the changes I feel in myself. Me and my co-worker Anna Laura were talking the other day as we were cleaning up the fields (taking out the drip line ((plastic hoses that we lay down the rows. They have small slits in them that allow water to seep into the soil when we haven't had rain)) removing plastic ((helps control weeds)) about how just one month ago the field looked completely different. It almost looked like a jungle. Mature winter squash had been harvested and the plants that grew them were left with their vines like living/dying ropes crawling in every direction. Now, as we ripped up the drip line and dug in the dirt to try to get all of the plastic up it was just a field full of dirt. Good dirt though. It provided us with a whole lot of beautiful winter squash (more varieties than I can even remember, but Ayote is my favorite) and now it will get seeded with a cover crop (I think rye and vetch to fix nitrogen in the soil. I am not totally confident in writing about the science behind this yet, so I will leave it at that). The soil needs time to build itself back up to be ready to support another crop next season. As the weather gets colder I am excited to write more and enjoy/explore the things that I have learned from this year of my life. I guess those lessons can be my winter squash, hopefully they store well.