Back in the North

Before I dig into this post...

Divine Urban Expressions is still trying to raise money for a van and could really use some help! Read about all of the effort Felecia Outsey puts into making the group possible and donate by clicking the link below! Thank you! 

Here are some of my favorite pictures I took while working at the News Sentinel. I had the chance to cover a lot of really fun things, but I gravitate towards quieter moments.

Right now I am living at my parents house in Joliet, Illinois while I save some money before starting a new job in March at Mount LeConte Lodge in the Smoky Mountains. In the mean time I will be freelancing, cranking out blog posts and taking a bunch of pictures of my family and friends with my new camera that I am very proud of and excited about. 

A few things I learned in 2015

  • Always have rain gear.
  • Uncertainty about the future is ok. 
  • Being 24 feels old; it is not. 
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